Thursday, July 31, 2008

C is for Cookie

Mason loves his sweets like his Cantrell/Christenson roots demand. He's devouring a cookie, M&M's first. He even got chocolate up his nose.
Today we finally found two matchbox cars that Mason has been asking for (for days). They were in a Ritz crackers box! Leave is to kids to hide their beloved toy where no one would ever look.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with Flour

Mason spent over an hour today playing and "painting" in flour. Who'd have thought flour could be so much fun? It's been a rough week. Erika worked about 60 hours, but most of that was great surgical experience. She fell when rollerblading and got bruised and scraped, but nothing serious. Kevin has just been bored and lonely since his primary interaction is with a two-year-old.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coyotes at the park

Mason and Erika were at the neighborhood park with the dogs when a pack of three coyotes entered the field and started barking at us! It was very freaky, we'd never heard coyotes barking before. We left so Woody or Mason wouldn't become a snack, but thank goodness for having Dizzy, who probably could have and would have protected us. (Picture not actual coyote from today.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip to Columbus

We just got back from a fabulous visit to Ohio, where we mostly just visited with family. But we did a lot of that! Erika's Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan came to town from NY, that was so wonderful! Kevin's friend Steve from Office Max in Illinois came to town with his girlfriend, they took us for our first real sushi, yum. It was disappointing that Mason was still in a cast, but he didn't let it slow him down. Kevin and Dad golfed and Erika and Mom had a spa day. We attempted a four-generation family photo but Mason was not in the mood that day, though we got one good pose. He was not very photogenic the entire trip, wouldn't smile or hold still at all! Oh, wait, he's two.

Kevin, Laura, Steve, and Erika's parents after a great steak dinner with corn on the cob, everyone had to clean their teeth with toothpicks.

We went on a hike at Clear Creek in the Hocking Hills. It was so humid! You forget just how dry and comfortable the desert is.

Mason was given a special treat of a cupcake and he didn't quite know how to eat it. He did start bouncing off the walls, but we didn't care because we were going to July 4 fireworks.

Mason liked Great-Grandma, and he was such a sweetheart and gave kisses to everyone.

Walking through the stream at a local park in Gahanna. He wasn't that interested in getting wet that day but had fun throwing rocks. He had more fun going back to the playground and rolling his cars down the slides. Mason is obsessed with cars right now.

One year ago in that same stream. He seemed to have more fun then.

Ox at a pioneer 1880s farm at Slate Run Park. Mason was so excited to see the cows, sheep, and horses, but he was also scared. He wanted to be held most of the time and wouldn't pet anything. Still, he was fascinated.

He was even afraid of the chickens and roosters.

Mason got his cast off Monday. The noise of the cast saw didn't scare him too bad, then the vibrations made him giggle. He didn't even cry for the xrays (unlike the first time). Everything is healed, all good. He was so happy to have it off!