Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We're back from Ohio and recovering and cleaning. The dogs had claimed the house for their own while we were gone, so it was very smelly and the couches were covered in fur. So there has been plenty to do. Number one on Mama's list (after starting the laundry) was to organize Mason's new and old toys and put away things that are definitely too young for him. One of his favorite toys is the Mack Disney play set from the movie Cars. But it is not Dada's. Mason asks for the toy to be opened, then closed, then opened, then closed. It is flimsy and not easy. Wish we'd ready the review on that one before buying it, but then again Mason loves it so much. He was better today, maybe he got over the initial excitement of its transformation.

We had a wonderful time in Ohio, it was great seeing everyone! Mason really loved being with everyone also. He was still talking about the trip when we got back, rattling off names. He even said "Ramanda"! We can't wait to see Uncle Loren and Ramanda again soon!

Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts! Mason still loves the road carpet, calls it his "racetrack." Of course he plays Thomas. He actually used his pillow book from Nancy as a pillow! Mama put together the frog tent from Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan and he thought that was fun. We played "where did Mason go?" "There he is!"

Our New Year's resolution should be to keep the buckeye/play room more organized. It looks like a disaster right now with all of the new toys!