Sunday, January 31, 2010

More cuteness

Not too much exciting is going on here. We're just plugging along. It seems like someone (or several) has been sick this entire season. Camryn has the worst cold she's had, seems to be a little laryngitis also. She's miserable. The rest of us will be next. Kevin has been Super Dad, cleaning the house and taking care of the kids. He also started a workout routine, lifting weights.

Mason building a train station out of blocks.

We thought we'd try solid foods with Camryn, she was always watching what we put in our mouths. She's doing well, so far, only spitting out 75% of what we put in.

Erika and Camryn went on a hike in the Rincon Mountains to Ernie's Falls. All of the snowmelt and rain has put water in the washes and falls. Erika joined a hiking club so she'd always have someone to hike with until Kevin's leg is rehabilitated fully. They were a great group of people.

Camryn played on a boulder by the falls while we rested and snacked.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too much cuteness!

It's been quite a start to the new year. Erika caught a cold at the start and worked New Year's day at the hospital. She kindly passed the cold to Mason and Kevin. Mason got a terrible canker sore on the inside of his mouth that made everyone miserable. He wouldn't eat or drink hardly anything, and every time he did there was several minutes of crying. No treatments worked, it finally went away on it's own after 6 long days. Kevin is finally feeling better. He has tried bowling again, but his calf muscle is still painful. But overall we're doing well.

We enjoyed the Buckeyes' Rose Bowl win! Camryn cheered and said "Oops! I did a Michigan in my pants!"

Camryn is developing a wonderful personality. She's rolling all over the place, sleeping soundly during the day and at night. She laughs hysterically every time Mason plays with her. Mason is a great big brother still. He's always saying "I love her."

We went to a friends house and Mason played with their daughter Giselle. They were very cute together and Mason is always so well behaved. They were amazed that the only thing he would eat was the asparagus, and we were amazed the way Giselle ate up all her hamburger. Mason is not a fan of meat.

She thinks her real name is "Gorgeous." I think you can see why.

Mason blowing bubbles at the park.

Camryn of course loves her doorway jumper, though she's not really jumping yet. She just loves anything as long as Mama is nearby.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Budding photographer

Mason has learned how to operate our digital camera and LOVES taking pictures. Composition needs improvement, but his photos aren't lacking diversity. He has taken a picture of almost everything in our house, including the toilets, the walls, the stairs, and every one of his toys. Below are some of the highlights. Mason took every one of these.

James and Gorden racing around the track.

Dada getting ready for the Rose Bowl.

Woody up front and personal.

Mama at work at the computer.

Family play time.