Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pugs + pool = party!

We went to a pool party with our pug friends last night. It was a lot of fun, but you'd think a three-year-old would tire of the pool eventually. No. Unfortunately after our swimming last weekend we lost his floaties and his swimsuit, so he was limited in what he could do. But that's not why he's naked. He had already asked to get out of the pool, so we got him out and put him in dry clothes. Then he somehow ends up soaked from head to foot. So he spent the rest of the night in just a diaper.

Our friend Doug created a game in which he let Mason push him into the pool. Mason thought it was the best game.

Dizzy had fun, even went swimming. It shouldn't have been surprising that a dog raised in the desert, even if she is part lab, wouldn't be the best swimmer. She wouldn't leave Erika's side the entire night (not much different from most days) which resulted in her getting knocked into the pool once also. Did she learn? Of course not.

This was Mason last weekend at the community pool in the 'rents neighborhood. He loves swimming in his floaties, does so well. Not so well without them. We should think about swimming lessons.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

So much, yet so little...

Unfortunately most of what we've been doing lately has been preparing for new baby. Erika's work is winding down (one week left!), there's not much to do anymore to get ready for the new job, so the focus is now baby sister. After living in a house for two years, a lot needs done that we usually don't have time for; we don't really have time now, but we're making it! We've been washing walls, washing grout, repainting/resealing grout (only Kevin), cleaning that impossible to reach knick-knack shelf - you name it, we're going to clean it. Erika is also experimenting with rearranging the furniture in the living room (just to see what it would be like) and Mason was not happy. He put the decorations where they used to be and gave Dada a five minute lecture on why it should stay there, then demanded the couch be put back.

But we have been trying to have some fun. Erika's parents bought the family a bike trailor as part of Mason's birthday. Mason was excited at once, here are picks of him climbing in it and trying to help as Kevin's putting it together. We have a great two-mile trail around our complex that works well. And we actually found space for it in the garage! Ok, so we don't use it everyday (Erika can't really ride anymore), but we're still optimistic for its plans.

Wonderful Dada doing the hard work! Most of our hard work has to be done while Mason is napping, which is about only every other day now (boo), so we still try to have fun. We've been going to parks and playgrounds a lot more now because Mason finally isn't afraid of the other kids! He plays with them well and is so cute having so much fun! We'll have to get some good pics or videos of that.

And cutest of all is how excited Mason is for baby sister. He puts a basketball under his shirt and calls it his "big belly" then pushes the ball out and talks about baby sister being born. Given how he didn't even like the furniture rearranged, we hope he adjusts to all the change. He's going to move into his big boy room soon. Erika has given up on potty-training - he'll tell us when he's ready, but Kevin is still slightly optimistic about not having two kids in diapers. What we do know is that Mason is going to be a wonderful big brother.