Monday, April 30, 2012

More zoo pics

This kids had a blast running around the child's play area. 

 This is a version of the groundhog pounding game I'm sure, as Cami is about to smack Dada on the head.

 Camryn is such a good runner! 

 To live in pure joy...

 Mason was supposed to jump with Cami to help her, but he failed.  She jumped 75% of her height by herself, no problems.

 Mason jumped after her.

 There is nothing more beautiful than her.  Period.

I love this picture for so many reasons.  Cami, our little athlete is jumping again.  Mason, however, could not have planned a better expression.  He is hollering in shear excitement, and somehow cocked an eyebrow.  Hilarious.  If you are not laughing hysterically, enlarge the image and look closely at the eyebrow.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Snakes, oh my!

Sneaky was out of her cave!  We missed her feeding day, and so now she is moving around the cage, looking for food. 

The kids have been getting up ridiculously early, usually around 5:30.  It was all we could do to survive until the zoo opened at 9:00.

The beautiful emerald tree boa they have at the zoo.

They actually have two!

The "baby" lions are so big!  They now have Dad in the cage with them, everyone happy.

I love these guys, they are so cute, always sunning on their rock using the buddy system.

Mason and Cami got special solo time with the bearded dragon.  She asked Mason, "And do you know where these guys are from?"  Mason said, "Yes, they are from Australia."  You rock, Mason!

Tiger, chillin' in the shade.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Springtime fun

It may be spring, but it's already 100 degrees here.  So wonderful Dada got out the baby pool, and the kids of course had a blast.  Mason wore his Billy the Exterminator had, threw some snakes in the pool, and Dada helped fish them out.

Silly Dada!
My favorite, the boots complimented the swim suit so well!
Our yard looks amazing right now with everything blooming.
This could have been perfect, but she just would not hold still for a portrait.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slitherin' Snakes!

For Mason's 6th Birthday we celebrated Snake Style! From the decorations, to the cake, the entertainment, and the activities, everything was snakes. Mason wanted his friends to see his new ball python (birthday gift from Nana and Pawpaw), and Mama took it several steps further.

This burmese albino python was actually the grand finale of the animals Ian from Reptile Specialists brought to present at the party. He brought a variety of lizards and snakes, and all the kids sat quietly and they all got to hold something.

A very happy birthday boy.

Brett and his girlfriend Ayzanat.

Camryn loved everything and wasn't afraid of anything. Here she is looking at a bearded dragon.

A Black and White Tegu, native to South America.

A corn snake.


Mason's bus stop friend Carmelina holding the bearded dragon.

Baby giant tortoises. Mason is wearing his Vexcon hat Mama made special for the exterminating activity. Vexcon is the company of Billy the Exterminator, one of Mason's favorite shows right now.

Leopard geckos.

Smaller, different corn snakes.

Mason happy for finding the king cobra.

One of the snake activities, an exterminating hunt in the backyard to find about three dozen rubber snakes.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Puerto Penasco, Sonora

Kevin and Erika went to "Rocky Point" Mexico a few weeks ago and had a fantastic time. Kevin participated in a golf tournament and Erika lounged on the beach.

Breakfast on our last day.

The beach at sunset.

The ecology is similar to Tucson, desert.

We had a rainy day in Tucson, and Mason had fun dancing in the rain.

Kevin and his golfing buddy Johnny in Mexico.

Still enjoying the trampoline.

Woody has recovered uneventfully from his surgeries. He apparently will develop for the rest of his life malignant skin tumors called mast cell histiocytomas. They will need to be surgically removed immediately upon discovery to prevent metastases. It is unknown at this time if the tumor in his neck was high-grade (risk of malignancy), but radiation was not recommended by the vet, so we are optimistic and expecting a long life.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

60 years ago two men founded the desert museum, a place with animals, plants, rocks, minerals, and ecology of the desert. It is a network of trails through the desert with animals on display in their natural habitats. We had a great time, walked a lot, saw a lot of animals, and enjoyed the desert.

Bighorn sheep. They used to be very abundant in the mountains of Arizona, but are found in fewer areas today.

Very beautiful mountain lion. Wish the glass was cleaner and anti-glare.

Presentation called "Running Wild" showing an adorable porcupine.


Wild Camryn

Yes, in some places Arizona has water, allowing frogs to be present.

Elf owl and his cactus home.


Mason touching the javalina hide.

Javalina, a pig-like (but not pig) mammal. They are very aggressive, especially when with their young, and attacks are common. And they stink.