Friday, December 25, 2009

One fun Christmas

What a fun Christmas! Mason was a very good boy and very patient with opening gifts. His first gift was a set of trains and tracks, so all he wanted to do after that was play with those. Everyone else opened a few gifts while waiting. Mason was very polite when he opened boxes with clothes ("Those are some very nice clothes for me."). By this point Camryn was ready for a nap, so we took a break to make waffles on Kevin's new waffle-maker from Nana and Paw-paw (his favorite gift).

Mason loving his new roundhouse with turntable from Nana and Paw-paw. We have so much new train stuff!

Uncle Chris having a good time, too :)

Kevin loves, loves, loves his new waffle-maker!

We're not sure that a 4-month-old baby needs as many gifts as she got, but everyone's thoughtfullness is very appreciated. This elephant from the grandparents is so cute! Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan got her a Baby's First doll (very cute), a picture frame, and clothes. Great-Grandma got her a car play gym, which will be so great since Camryn cries every time she's in the car unless she has toys.

Mason got a lot of wonderful gifts including trains and tracks from Mama and Dada and Uncle Chris and a great set of dinosaurs from Great-Grandma. Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan got Mason a roaring triceratops, clothes, and Disney Cars card games. Nana and Paw-paw got Mason a lot of great interactive learning games/toys including a set of bath-time whistles, building blocks, and bubble makers.

The cutest babies!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays

Greetings from Tucson

The gorgeous women.

Big brother loves his baby sister!

Mason also loves his Uncle Chris. And we also love Uncle Chris, he has been so helpful with Kevin being injured. It'll be a nice Christmas celebrating with Kevin's family.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

We've been quite busy. Erika went to Columbus for a short visit to introduce Camryn to the uncles and Great-Grandma. It was wonderful sharing Camryn with everyone, but the trip was too short. Fortunately Nana returned to Tucson with Erika, so she could visit for another week. Except Mason dominates so much of her time she barely got to see Camryn. Kevin's leg is improving, but he's still limping around.

They went on a three-generation women's hike in the Santa Catalinas. Everyone did great! We're so happy Camryn loves hiking.

Nana helped us to make gingerbread cookies. This was the introduction to 3-D cookies! Mason had the first one and said "Mmmm!" Since that day, Mason has probably eaten most of the cookies, the rest of us have gotten very few. Though somehow with these cookies, you never feel like you get enough.

Great-Grandma did great holding Camryn. It's too bad we don't live in Columbus, because that was great physical therapy for her! We can't wait for you to go home, GG.

Uncle Loren was there to visit with the family also. We celebrated Nana's birthday. Camryn just took to anyone who wanted to hold her.

That is because she is the happiest baby there is. And probably the cutest!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

It's been a rough week following a rough Thanksgiving. Emotionally we've had to deal with Erika's grandmother going into rehab and her Uncle Gary having brain surgery. Last Wednesday Kevin ruptured part of his gastrocnemius (calf) muscle while bowling. He can't bear weight on it, nor should he. He's been in a splint on crutches and not enjoying himself. Fortunately we have help since his brother moved in with us on November 18. Chris has been wonderful and very helpful and we'd be lost without him since Erika would have had to stay home. Camryn had a cold, she was just miserable for a few days, but she seems to be getting better, though having a (hopefully) brief period of not sleeping well. Erika caught Camryn's cold and has been under stress at work, so also not enjoying herself. Mason is the only one not doing too badly, though he's always partially neglected now because of Camryn, so he might disagree with that.

Mason passed out on the couch while watching TV one day when he was sick and hadn't had a nap. This is the first time he's ever done that, the boy never runs out of energy.

Tummy time, enjoying a Pooh book.

First time in her exersaucer. She seems to have her mouth open more often than not.

Starting them young.