Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cursed Christmas Cards

So, the rule of me trying to do Christmas cards this year - if it could go wrong, it did. First problem was me procrastinating, but I still thought I could get everything done Sunday and mail them Monday. My grand idea was to do Christmas postcards, it seemed simpler and cheaper. The latter was the only thing that turned out to be accurate. Sunday Kevin wanted to stay home and clean, so I took Mason to OfficeMax to buy supplies and print the photos. The photo machine wouldn't read my camera card and I couldn't find the supplies I wanted. Mason was being a brat, so I just went home. Monday at lunch I went to a different OfficeMax, knowing exactly what I needed to buy, and still needing to print photos. I bought what I needed, but their photo machine was down. On my way home from work that day I stopped at Walgreens and ordered the photos, not to be ready for 3 more hours. So I went home, printed my letter up beautifully, had the labels all ready. I went back to Walgreens 4 hours later and they told me their printing machine had died. More wasted time and still no photos. Tuesday after work (no time at lunch) I went to Target to print photos (I was very upset with Walgreens and didn't like their photo options anyway). I chose the one Target in the city that does not have a photo machine. On my way home I stopped at the post office to buy postcard stamps, but the office was closed and they don't sell stamps in their lobby. At this point I'm near tears. I didn't think there was any way I would get my Christmas cards out in time for even New Year's! Hubby to the rescue. He suggested go up north near my parents house where it's not busy and there are a lot of businesses. That post office did not have postcard stamps either. Walmart had the right stamps, that place was a zoo. We went to CVS and successfully printed the pictures, they are lovely. So that night while relaxing and watching TV I made out the postcards and put them in the mailbox this morning. Kevin asked if it was worth all the trouble (probably on Monday) and if I had known it would be that terrible, no I wouldn't have done the pictures. But Monday everything was ready except for the photos, it seemed silly not to finish them. I'm so happy they're done and hope you enjoy receiving yours! -Erika

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Tonight we went to a community in Tucson called Winterhaven that has become a touristy holiday event. Every home decorates with lights, some quite extravagantly. They have horse-drawn carriage rides and trolleys, but we walked. There were huge displays, like the "12 Days of Christmas" and a large Thomas train going around a track. Mason almost cried when we left that one, but he was great the whole time, enjoyed the "Pitmas light."

This display was like a mini Bellagio water show. The lights and water were synchronized to Christmas music. The water was simple, but the entire display was very impressive for someone's yard! We enjoyed the neighborhood immensely, forgot we live in a desert.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays!

This may be our last post for a while, we will be going to Ohio for Christmas! We are very excited, it has been four years since we've gone home for Christmas. We miss our family very much! We've been having fun getting ready for Christmas. Mason loves the tree and the ornaments and is mostly good about leaving them alone. He demanded to play with the train ornaments, so they're a little beat up now, but not too bad. He loves snowmen, and loved a snowman snowglobe. We knew better than to let him play with it, but he usually listens. He smashed it once on the table and Kevin said "No." He promptly smashed it again and it broke. Still, we're enjoying the season and can't wait to see Mason's face when he opens his presents.

Mama and Mason made some crafts, Mason really likes the snowman. He is upset it doesn't have a hat, though. Mama didn't know how to do that one. Mason did well making the crafts, you can tell he's maturing. To look at him you'd never guess he was still not even three, but he still can't ride a tricycle and talks a lot of baby nonsense. Every now and then he says some really funny things. He says "Get booty!" when he wants to play the game where we chase him and then tickle his bottom :)