Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby number Two

Fantastic news: Erika is pregnant with our second child! She's 15 weeks along and feeling great; it's been another easy pregnancy. In about 6 weeks we'll find out the sex and can't wait to share! With a due date of Aug 23rd, we're a little stressed about Erika starting her new job July 1 and almost immediately going on maternity leave. Though we can't share any details, Erika did sign a contract to work for a podiatrist in private practice in Tucson.

Kevin also has great news. He's been cigarette free for over seven months! And he's been studying for the ACT so he can go back to school to become a teacher, a job he's hoping will let him continue to be with his babies, and by the time he's finished and ready to find a teaching position the kids will also be in school.

There's one thing you can say about our family, we're never doing nothing! We had the pleasure of having a podiatry student stay with us for the month and we of course had to show him Tucson. We took Alex up Mt Lemmon, which is how we got a good photo of all of us. There was snow up at the top, in which Mason had a blast playing, though he refused to wear gloves and complained the snow was cold. We did a new hike in the lowlands, which would have been quite warm in the summer, but was nice this time of year and didn't have snow. Alex was a great sport and carried Mason, he wanted the workout! He's young and fit so we let him, besides Erika probably couldn't have handled it and Kevin's lungs are still recovering.

Mason will at least know what snow is, even though Daina, Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan (or anyone else in the NE) would laugh at this small amount of snow.

The men looking happy; we'd just started the hike ;)

Mason has been into taking showers, so the mirrors fog. Here he is making "paw prints" after his shower.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Loren dancing the Can-Can

Somehow Loren always seems to find himself in a dress. We previously mentioned that we visited Old Tucson Studios (a western town still used for filming movies) with Ramanda, Nana and Paw-paw when they were all in town in January. There was a performance of a Can-Can show, during which they selected Loren and others to participate. Nana and Paw-paw recently sent their photos of this visit, and the ones from the show were too good to resist posting!

The curls were a perfect choice for him, though the dress was not flattering.

Watch the performance!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Big cat

This was the panther at the zoo, completely passed out on a tree branch. Kevin thought it was fascinating to see him "chillin' like a villain." Mason does love their trips to the zoo!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Typical Weekend

We had a nice weekend, an equal amount of fun and relaxation. Saturday we went to the pug meetup, which, to remind you, is a gathering of other crazy pug owners and their pugs, a dog with a face only a mother could love. Mason had a nice nap, after which we played Thomas. Sunday it was cold and rainy. We were going to go hiking, but decided not to brave the weather. All the mountains have snow on them now, it is very pretty.

Mason and several pugs (Woody not shown). Note Mason's Thomas outfit.

We found a cricket and kept it for Mason, he of course loved it. We think it survived, though we don't know where it went.

Kevin and Mason went to the zoo sometime last week and took this video of the monkeys. They are sometimes the highlight of the visit, with their singing and swinging. Mason wouldn't leave the exhibit until they stopped.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Where to begin...

It's amazing how much time has passed since we've posted anything. Erika really should teach Kevin how to do it. It has been a busy month. We had barely recovered from the holidays when Erika's parents came to visit. We had a lot of fun, even though Erika was sick half the time and miserable. Nana was wonderful about cooking a lot, yum! Loren and Ramanda stayed at our house, which was a treat. We went to the Sonoran Desert Museum, which wasn't as fun as it usually is, the only animal out was a coyote. But they did have a fascinating presentation on snakes/poisonous reptiles. Mason identified the gila monster immediately. He really knows his animals.

Mason had his first ice cream cone of his very own! Everyone else was getting some and he kept asking for "Mason's ice cream." He wouldn't settle for a bite of someone elses, so we got him his own and he ate a lot of it (with surprisingly little mess).

Mason sitting on Paw-paw's lap on the train at Old Tucson Studios. This is a place where many, many Western movies are filmed and it is part-time western theme-park. It was cute, interesting. There was a gun-fight and a can-can show. Loren got to participate in the show (pictures censored). Mason of course just wanted to ride the train.

Mason sat on Uncle Loren and held a very lengthy conversation in baby-talk about who-knows-what. He thought it was great, though.

The little cutie was playing with the plant, picking off leaves, and having a great time. He really is wonderful about entertaining himself finally.

Mason liked this coyote family statue at the museum. We really loved having everyone in town!