Sunday, August 31, 2008

Columbus Lookback

We have new pictures of our trip to Columbus, and we're finally getting around to posting them. That was a great trip, and Mason misses his great uncles and aunts and especially Great-Grandma very much.

Nothing new here, everyone has been in great moods and we will count our blessings that nothing is going wrong right now (someone find me some wood).

Quote of the day by Kevin: "No, you can't use my nuts as a stepping block!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swimming at Nana/Paw-paw's

Mason is getting even better at swimming, goes all over the pool by himself as long as he has his swimmies on. He of course never wants to leave, even though he's exhausted and freezing cold. He would have passed out in the car on the way home if clever Dada hadn't have stopped for "chicken and sauce" at BK. So Mason ate chicken tenders the entire way home and was able to take a good nap once we got home. But he woke up tired and puffy-eyed, the sacrifice for a day of fun.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Peeing mystery solved

For the past month one of the pets has been peeing in the house, in Mason's toyboxes, and then finally on the guest-bedroom mattress. This has been very frustrating for us. We finally figured out which animal has been peeing in the house - Vedder (the cat). He did it right next to Kevin, which was the first time we had caught the culprit. After inspection, it didn't smell like cat urine. We had never suspected him because none of the pee had smelled like cat. At least we have proof, but we still have to get the peeing to stop.

Sweet Pea (center) left yesterday after a week with us. Everyone had fun!
Addendum to previous post: Kevin loves taking care of Mason, but a person needs some adult interaction to keep the brain stimulated.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Love our boy

Mason has been a cutie today. He has been hamming it up for every picture, and saying "cheese!"` This was after we had been playing with the garden hose making rain.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Desperate for money

We've been looking into ways for Kevin to work from home for a little extra money. He noticed a large demand for Coach purses, so he found a reputable site that sold authentic coach purses. Of course, they turned out not to be authentic. It is illegal to sell knock-offs, so we're stuck. We'd be happy just getting our money back, they were $50 each. They are beautiful bags, no one would know they're fake and you don't have to pay $300. I kept one myself and love it, I get compliments on it and feel stylish and trendy and am proud that I didn't pay a fortune for it. If anyone would like one, I can give more details and pictures and ship it to you. They are both on the large size, the smallest one is 14"x 10", both have lots of nice pockets inside.