Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad with the good

Mason is peeing in the potty! He's had only one accident that was really his fault, but otherwise he's been potty trained for peeing for three days now. So far he had one #2 on the floor, nothing the next day, and we're following him like hawks today to get that poop into the potty. He's so excited and has great control, so it's been quite easy thanks to Nana's help and great suggestions like using Cheerios in the toilet for "target practice."

Camryn is still beautiful, we love watching her watch the world. Unfortunately she's still been VERY fussy. The anti-gas drops have helped. The doctor hasn't diagnosed her with colic, but suggested a food intolerance in the breast milk. Erika has cut dairy from her diet which also may be helping. But still the only thing that keeps her from crying (and I mean screaming bloody murder) is motion - car rides, stroller rides, rocking chair, and being carried in the Moby wrap. Unfortunately not all are equally as effective, and when using the Moby she won't let us sit down. After almost exactly five minutes of us sitting, she begins screaming again. But walking with her is worth it to have a happy baby. She'll have several good awake periods during which she can play as long as she's had some sleep.

Quality tummy time.

Mason taking care of his baby. He's such a great big brother, though he still doesn't understand to be quiet around Camryn. We try not to yell at him too much for being noisy so he doesn't start resenting her, but putting her to sleep can be difficult sometimes. But he's so sweet with her and loves her. We're so proud of our big boy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Four weeks old

What's new? Camryn is still a wonderful baby with usual baby issues. She's had some bad gas, we're going to try medicine for it. She was very fussy today for some reason (gas?), wouldn't sleep long. She usually sleeps well. In fact, we'd have more photos but you can only take so many pics of a sleeping baby. Nursing could be better. Erika is back at work part time and pretty tired, but managing.

Darn baby acne, ruining a beautiful complexion.

We went for a walk with Camryn in the carrier. She loved being held.

We went to the reptile and amphibian expo and had a blast. Mason got to pet an alligator, monitor lizard, tortoise and snakes. No new pets came home fortunately.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trying to find a routine

Looking back at being in the hospital (the only time for just relaxing).

Since being home we've been quite busy since we also have a 3-year-old to entertain. Fortunately Camryn is an easy baby to take care of, so we can take her anywhere with us. The only issue we're still dealing with (minor compared to what we could have), is difficulty nursing. She doesn't nurse well, so she has to have a bottle after every feeding. Then Erika pumps. Not easy, fun, or ideal. But we do it to make sure she stays healthy and we go out between feedings.

She sleeps great and hardly ever fusses.

Sleeping on "magic shoulder" Paw-paw.

"Why is that thing always in my face?"

Error in padding positioning = Minnie Mouse.

Mason is still a great big brother. He hates it when she cries and tries to console her. He brought in a medicine dropper and said, "Here, I have medicine for burps." He loves throwing away Camryn's dirty diapers and retrieving new ones.

Go Buckeyes!