Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random shots

Our cat, Katie, has adjusted well and turning into a real lap cat. Her main faults: steals Erika's hair ties off the counter, jumps onto kitchen surfaces to steal food, and begs all day for fresh food.

The two most handsome men!

She has learned well from us.

Mason has really blossomed from being in school just this short time. He now loves coloring, traces his letters voluntarily daily, and has his homework done by the next day usually. Erika made him a special place-mat that he can color daily with dry erase markers and he loves it.

Erika is training for a half-marathon and this was a shot she took from a trail run. It was dawn with the full moon still in the sky.

One of Mason's creations. He completely designed and cut out the body, tail and head/neck. Mama cut out the spikes. Mason colored it and drew the face, and voila! a Diplodicus.

Fighting fires at the Children's Museum.