Monday, June 18, 2012

New car

 For better or for worse, we had to buy a new car.  Erika was in a hit and run, rear-end collision while driving the civic, and the car was totaled.  After a month of half car-less, half borrowing Mom's car, we finally picked the perfect car.  Kevin did a lot of research and decided the Hyundai Sonata is a great car, a great value, with high safety ratings.  He even knew the exact price he would pay.  It took a week of internet haggling, but he got a deal he could settle on.  We wouldn't usually buy new, but there were not any good deals on the 2010-2012 models.  So with the 2013 being just a little more expensive, we went with that.

 The kids like it, but already have their dirty little footprints all over the interior.

Not bad lookin' for a family car!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big Beds!

 Comfy in her new bed!  Her room got a complete overhaul.

 We've actually had this toy chest for a while, probably the inspiration for the room.  Before she was born we painted the room purple due to an aversion to pink.  Tinkerbell goes with purple.

 We're lucky Camryn was easy-going about the room.  She seems happy with Tinkerbell, but if she had her choice it probably would have been pink princesses.  What is it with little girls and pink?

 It was the end of her nap, time to wake up. Those are butterflies and flowers on her bedspread.

 Dreaming about flying with the fairies?

 Or the butterflies?

 Mason helped with putting up all the stickers. 

 The back story on these beds is that Mason had been asking for a larger bed and it was about time to move Camryn out of the crib.  Mason wanted a bigger bed so Dada could lay with him sometimes, and also to make room for "John" his giant teddy bear.  We bought a full-sized bed for Mason and gave Camryn his twin.

Mason was coerced into plain blue bedclothes since they would go in the room better than a new character set, but actually seemed to like these and picked them out.  He had been so difficult to choose one, basically wanted whichever one was right in front of him.  Spiderman, Cars, dinosaurs.  He said at one point he wanted Toy Story, but he doesn't even like Toy Story.  So after complaining about him changing his mind, he finally said, "I don't want to fight, I'll just take plain blue."  He's so funny.  But he does seem to like it, and I promised him a decorative pillow in a pattern he would like. I think the pillow cost more than the bedclothes.  But I can change the pattern for less money in the future, and it makes a great backrest for family reading time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creative Fun

 Leave it to Mama to have the kids help make cupcakes, yum!

 Mason practicing his artistic skills decorating the cupcakes.

 We had the pleasure of watching Sweet Pea again, which gave Camryn ample opportunities to play one of her new favorite games, "puppies."  It's a good think carrots are one of the dogs favorite treats, so Puppy Camryn could enjoy them too.

 Even toddlers can appreciate the joy of dancing in underwear.
Last Sunday Camryn found a pair of panties and wanted to wear them.  We agreed she may, as long as she kept them dry.  If not, she would have to wear her pull-ups.  She found that pretty good motivation because she has been peeing in the potty with moderate success since.  One almost success for going #2.  The daycare was not helpful in the beginning, saying they were surprised she showed up in panties, because she hadn't demonstrated signs.  After Erika told them to give Camryn a chance or else, she (they?) started doing much better.  Saturday she proved she would not be forced to use the potty, however, and was perfectly fine wearing her pull-ups all day after a few accidents in the morning.

Mason experimenting with cause and effect as he throws his paper airplane into the moving fan. 

He enjoyed showing us the damage to the plane after every throw.

Mason sliding down Camryn's crib mattress that we set up in the playroom for fun.

Mason's wall of art.  He takes such pride in his work, and would have all of the walls plastered with artwork if we let him.