Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apple Annie's Orchard

Last weekend we went to an apple orchard in Wilcox, AZ. Unfortunately it was so late in the season that there weren't any apples on the trees (would have been rotten), but we bought yummy treats. Then we crossed this disaster of a dirt road on which we thought the car was going to just start falling apart and spitting parts (Wilcox is in the middle of BFE AZ) to the same co.'s pumpkin farm. Mason picked a pumpkin, played in a tub of corn, went on a hayride, and was so cute! He's been talking so much lately and it's so much fun hearing what he has to say. He loved the "tractor" and "pumpkin patch."

"Too heavy!"

This was a huge washtub of dried corn! The kids thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Yes, it is still the desert.

Mason jumping from the haybales.

It was really disappointing not to pick apples from the tree, but it was a really fun trip. We definately want to do it again next year.
Sadly Erika finishes her surgery rotation tomorrow and will begin a five-month rotation at the VA podiatry clinic Monday. At least it will be the end of her long days. Some days she would be in surgery past Mason's bedtime. This week she missed the family dinner three times. Those long days are hard on everyone, but at least she's learning a lot. The hours will be better next rotation (8-4), but won't be as exciting. She's finalizing her contract for a job here in Tucson. Only eight months left!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Green Bug

In our yard we had some type of jumping insect (maybe a katydid) that Mason found fascinating. Perhaps it was a juvenile, because it did not flee quickly. First Mason just watched it and poked it.

Then he got the courage to grab it and pick it up.

Unfortunately, nothing good can become of an insect in the hands of a two-year-old. If it was anything but a bug, Mama or Dada would have cared enough to save it. But its sacrifice was worth Mason's joy and appreciation for science.

Mason loved that insect, asked for it for days. We had to look in the yard everyday for another.

Everyone's sick right now with a cold, so we're not having very much fun. We were going to go camping this weekend but decided it probably isn't the best idea if we're not 100%. Hope the warm weather continues for a while.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally Fall

Today was a beautiful day in Tucson, around 60 degrees and sunny. Mason was so excited when we told him we were going hiking. In the garage, he went to the backpack we carry him in and tried to put it in the car! We went hiking in Madera Canyon on a new trail called Dutch John Spring. It's a lot like the others in that area, shaded by tall oaks with lots of wildlife. We saw deer and water!

Mason saw this log and screamed "Oh! Alligator!" then ran and hid.

Dada trying to show Mason it's just a log, and Mason still hiding.

Snuggling to keep warm.

"Another stick!" Mason is oddly fascinated with sticks right now.

He really wanted to go near the water, but it was too cold. Next warm weekend we'll hopefully go camping there and have lots of time to play.