Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's about time!

We've been busy as usual, but we had no idea HOW busy until we realized it had been over a month since our last post. We've been hiking, chasing Camryn around the house (she's now crawling), and making sure Mason is kept busy seeing dinosaurs.

We went to the Tucson Children's Museum, which is like a mini COSI, and less scientific. He learned about dinosaurs, sea life, and trains. He sat in a pretend fire truck with real flashing lights!

Erika parents were in town earlier this month, during which time we had the pleasure to go see Walking with Dinosaurs, the theatrical production based on the BBC series. We saw actual-size dinosaurs and learned all about them. It was awesome and Mason loved it. Thanks, Nana and Paw-paw!

Camryn is just a dream baby! She's still nursing (kudos to Erika for keeping that up) and getting better with her allergies so she's not so fussy. Her favorite thing to do besides be held by her Mama is to crawl after Big Brother. He's not so happy about that, and in fact has started wetting his pants, we think due to the stress. He does better when you remind him to go potty. He's still a great big brother and says he loves Camryn.

We can see why so many photos are taken of kids in the bathtub. These two have a BLAST together in the tub. They have fun splashing each other and no one wants to get out.

We're still hiking a lot and trying to take Mason more, too. It's harder now that we can't carry him. Last hike to Tanque Verde Falls he wanted to do it himself, though, and got mad when we tried to help him! There has been so much rain and snow on the mountains that the streams are flowing and all the falls are active. It's just beautiful and amazing now. There are a ton of wildflowers, too.

Erika is proud of how she lets her baby girl get dirty. There's nothing wrong with eating a little clean sand so she can explore her environment!

Mason still loves dinosaurs, trains, and cars. He has a little friend who also loves Thomas, so we try to have him come over to play. Mason is very good with other children.

One last picture of Gorgeous.