Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dare Devil

Mason didn't have any fear when he was launching himself backwards on the bed. He had just finished taking a shower with Dada and hadn't wanted to get dressed. He's been feisty lately, refusing to take naps over the weekend because Mama is so much fun. Monday was rough because he was so tired, but he was better today. When we do fun things on the weekends, it fires him up and he's too excited to sleep!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Boy

These are the only good photos I have even related to Mason's birthday. The one is of him opening up his Mr. Potatohead (from Great-Grandma). In the other he had a death grip on his new Little People schoolbus (from Mama and Dada), would not let us take it from him, even to strap him in. He had his two-year checkup at the pediatrician, perfectly healthy, didn't cry for his shot. He is 36 inches tall and 27.4 lbs. We're supposed to start potty-training.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kent Springs Hike

We went on another great hike, though it was a hard 3.5 miles. We're too out of shape to do straight-up-hill hikes. But there was a beautiful stream and the weather wasn't too hot. We saw two deer, a jay, and smelled a skunk. Mason rushes for the car when we say we're leaving to go on a hike and is very good during. We always have a nice picnic afterwards.

Two years old now

Mason turned two years old yesterday. There has been demand for Mason's birthday pictures, which I still don't have. I have had camera difficulties, which is really upsetting. My newest, best camera's flash broke, so I can take only outdoor photos with it. I began using my old camera, but do not know where it's USB cord is, and had difficulties downloading the photos, so that camera became full. So I have no good pictures of Mason and his cupcake with candles. However, here is an amusing video of Mason and Kevin playing keep away with Kevin's hat.