Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Waterfalls of Yelllowstone

Upper Falls.  
Below are more of the amazing falls, caused by the geologic disturbances, new step-offs, due to the volcanic activity.  So cool!

Yellowstone River Canyon

From the Brink of Lower Falls.  Don't fall!

Lower Falls (the famous one)

A cute picture, even though Mason was having trouble smiling and keeping his eyes reasonably open due to heavy glare from the sun.  Quite the over-dramatic boy.  I think the black bird in the background makes this shot.

Not a bad family picture, and finally a good smile on our handsome man.  And notice the gap in his teeth, he lost one on the trip!

Gibbon Falls, a cascade-style falls, very elegant

On our way out, we passed by Lewis Falls. The water is actually warmer than the air in the cold mornings, so there was mist coming off the river and falls.  It was incredible and a great way to end the trip, and energize a long drive starting at 7am!

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