Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Everyone complains of gaining weight over "the holidays" and I realize now it begins with Halloween.  We started by making cookies at Mason's request.  It sounded like a great way to have fun, and I can be spontaneous.  Little did I know before beginning that we were out of regular flour and confectioner's sugar (the latter for regular frosting) and maybe something else.  We used wheat flour and the finished product was interesting, but definitely tolerable because of chocolate frosting.

The following week we made pumpkin donuts.  For some reason I was motivated to use the donut maker again (we do so rarely), and the concept sounded too cute.  The kids really like helping to bake.  And of course I taught them to lick the beaters, that's the best part!

These donuts were delicious!  I just used a boxed pumpkin bread recipe, slightly modified.  We frosted them to make them cute, but it wasn't necessary.  I can't stop eating even the plain ones.

This little princess turns psycho when candy is involved.  I tried to get her to use the small cute bad for Trick or Treating, but she insisted on the large, bulky, difficult to carry and to open, plastic grocery bag.  She only got away with it because she's so cute.

Gotta eat that candy right away.  And Woody obviously thinks she will drop something for him.  Fat chance!

Mason dressed up as "black" Spiderman, aka Venom.  He wasn't too interested in candy, was nervous still going up to strange houses.  And he didn't even wear the mask.

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